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Printing Technology Books and Project Reports

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include screen printing business books, inks formulas and processes book, printing industry project reports, project report on news paper printing and project report on industrial paint and inks (various types).
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Screen Printing Business Books
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Screen Printing Business Books

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Product Details:
AuthorEIRI Board
PublisherEngineers India Research Institute
ApplicationScreen Printing Business Books
Industrial Technologies, India, is one of the Leading Service provider of integrated technical and financial consultancy services Project report service, Industrial Project Report, Technology Books,Cutomized Project report Across the Globe.Screen Printing:
  • The screen printing Press
  • Types of Fabrics
  • Construction of Fabrics
  • Mesh Count, Mesh Strength and Mesh Opening
  • Stretching the screen fabric
  • How to Build A Screen Process Press?
  • Step-1 Assemble Needed Materials
  • Bill of Materials

Screen Process Stencils:
  • Hand Cut Paper Stencils
  • Step-1 Image the Paper
  • Step-2 Cut the Stencil
  • Step-3 Adhere the Stencil
  • Hand cut film stencils
  • To prepare a Film Stencil

Screen Printing Automatic Press:
  • The Printing Forme Makes it Possible
  • The Screen Printing Features and Their Singularity

Screen Printing Inks:
  • Poster Ink
  • Enamel Ink
  • Gloss Enamel
  • Synthetic Gloss Enamels
  • Halftone Enamels

Screen Printing Accessories:
  • Accessories
  • Frame
  • Construction of frame
  • Screen
  • Types of Screen Cloth or Fabrics
  • Stretching the Fabric
  • Blocking or Sealing
  • Base Board
  • Squeegee G-Clamps Drying, Rack
  • G-Clamps
  • Drying Racks

  • Paper Stencil
  • Block out stencil
  • Tusche Glue Stencil
  • Shellac Stencil
  • Photographic Stencil
  • Pigment Paper Stencil
  • Coating the Screen
  • Important Notes

Chemicals Used And Formulations:
  • Ammonium Dichromate or Bichromate
  • Drier
  • Gelatin
  • Glue
  • Formulations

Common Faults In Screen Printing:
  • Ink Troubles
  • Troubles in Case of Screen Making

Screen Printing On Different Surfaces:

  • Paper and Card
  • Glass Surface
  • Plastics
  • Tin Plates
  • Jute Bags and Cloth Banners

Inks For Screen Printing:
  • Nature of Ink
  • Manufacturing of Screen Printing Inks
  • Important
  • The Important Aspects Considered
  • Classification of screen process Inks
  • Formulations of Screen Printing Inks

  • Celluloid Adhesives
  • Profilm
  • Shellac Knife Cut Paper Stencil
  • Duplex Decal (Lacquer Coated Knife-Cut) Stencil
  • Duplex Decal (Glue-Coat Knife-Cut) Stencil
  • Lacquer Film Transfer Stencil

Screen Printing On Glass:
  • Types of Photographic Stencils
  • Halftone Screen and colour separation
  • Dry Method
  • Wet Method

Colour Combination:
  • Here are colour combinations for Popular Colours
  • Legibility from Distance (In Order)
  • Ancillaries for UV Curing
  • Project Cost & Viability

Silk Screen Photo Stencil Preparation:
  • Caustic Hydroquinone Developer
  • Carbonate Developer
  • Preparation of Positive
  • Positive Making by chemical Reversal
  • Thou shalt not buy equipment too Big for your shop
  • Thou shalt check Electrical Compatibility
  • Thou shalt Ask for details on Reconditioning
  • Thou shalt be sure parts and service are readily Available
  • Thou Shalt Cover Delivery, Installation and Operator Training
  • Thou Shalt Determine Trade Back Options and Allowances
  • Thou shalt have A Warranty in writing

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Inks Formulas And Processes Book
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Inks Formulas And Processes Book

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Product Details:
AuthorEIRI Board
PublisherEngineers India Research Institute
ApplicationInks Formulas And Processes Book
Colour Matching:
  • Practical Procedure in Colour Matching
  • The Operation of Printing
  • Printing Surface
  • Printing Conditions
  • Colour Pattern
  • Matching Procedure
  • Tests on the Pattern
  • Matching Details
  • Final Adjustments

Raw Materials:
  • Pigments
  • Yellow Pigments
  • Red Pigments
  • Blue and Green Pigmens
  • Black Pigments
  • White Pigments
  • Dyestuffs
  • Oils

Waxes and Additives:
  • Natural Waxes
  • Petroleum Waxes
  • Mineral waxes
  • Synthetic waxes

Typographic Inks:
  • Platen Inks
  • Inks for Cylinder Machines
  • Quick Setting Inks
  • Inks for Process Coated paper
  • Inks for Banks, Bonds, Grease Proof Papers, Carton Boards
  • Process Inks

  • Considerations Governing Choice of Pigments
  • Choice of Pigments
  • The Role of Water
  • Ink Vehicles
  • Summary of General Considerations
  • Ink Consistency
  • Ink Drying
  • Drier Absorption

Photogravure Inks For Three And Four Colour Reproduction:
  • Black Inks
  • Coloured and Extender Inks
  • Metallic Gravure Inks
  • Gravure Overprint Varnishes

Screen Process Inks:
  • Poster Inks
  • Gloss Poster Inks

Ball Point Pen Inks:
  • Formula

Testing Of Finished Inks:
  • Short Terms Tests
  • Longest Term Tests
  • Setting Time
  • Strength Reduction Test
  • Gloss
  • Density and Specific Gravity

  • Waxless Carbon Paper Ink
  • Typewriter Ribbon Ink
  • White Ink for Photographic Prints
  • Photographic Film Marking Ink
  • Fluorescent Printing Ink
  • Purple Copy Ink
  • Duplicating Ink
  • Flexographic Ink
  • Letterpress Black Ink
  • Glass Marking Ink
  • Ceramic Ink for Making Glass and Porcelain
  • Ink for Marking Metal
  • Meat Stamping Ink
  • Disappearing Ink
  • Ball Point Pen Ink
  • Magnetic Ink
  • Rapid Photographic Developer
  • Fine Grain Deeloper
  • Stable Single Powder Developer
  • Correcting Photographic Negatives
  • Intensifying Baths for Negatives
  • Water Softening Compounds
  • Latent Finger Printing
  • Refrigerator Deodorant
  • Tar Asphaly Emulsion for Road Surfacing
  • Blue Print Inks
  • Drawing Inks
  • Glass, Celluloid and Metal Inks
  • Ink for Writing on Glazed Cardboards
  • Inks on Marble
  • Gold Ink
  • Horticultural Ink
  • Indelible
  • Blue Indelible Inks
  • Red Indelible Ink
  • Gold Indelible inks
  • India, China or Japan Ink
  • Ink Powders and Lozenges
  • Lithographic Inks
  • Marking or Labeling Inks
  • Coloured Marking Inks
  • Printing Inks
  • Ink for Stamp Pads
  • Indelible Hand Stamp Ink
  • White Stamping Ink for Embroidery
  • Stencil Inks
  • Indelible Stencil Ink
  • Typewriter Ribbon Inks
  • Colouring Agents
  • Writing Inks
  • Copying Ink
  • Paste Ink to write with water
  • Inks for Shading Pen
  • Silver Ink
  • Violet Ink
  • While Ink
  • Yellow Ink
  • Water Proof Ink
  • Ink Luminous

Toner Ink For Automatic Machine:
  • Introduction
  • Uses
  • Process of Manufacture
  • Formulation for Toner Ink
  • Plant Economics of Toner Ink
  • Plant and Machinery
  • Fixed Capital
  • Total Capital Investment
  • Turn Over
  • Profit Sales Ratio

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Printing Industry Project Reports
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Printing Industry Project Reports

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Product Details:
Mode of ServiceOffline
Type of Service ProviderIndividual Consultant
LocationNew Delhi
The book covers Printing Technology, Organization of Printing Services, Typographic Technology, Composing the Type, Desktop Publishing (Software), The Postscript Language, Proof Reading, Pre-Press Processes, Camera, Photographing Line & Continuous Tone Copy, Scanning, Offset Plate Making, Presses, Offset Press, Web Offset, Specifications for Offset Publications, Proof and Proofing Techniques, Modern Printing Process Ink Jet, Newspaper Printing, Letterpress, Offset, Flexo And Anilox, Newspaper Production Technology, Flexography & Packaging Printing Plates, Gravure & Packaging, Screen Printing, Screen Printing On Paper, Textiles and Other Printing Substrates, Screen Process Stencils, Screen Printing Automatic press, Choosing A Printing Process, Security Printing, Bar Coding, Ink-Jet Printing, Digital Printing, Plant Economics of Polythene Bags & Automatic Printing, Plant Economics of Textile Printing (Job Work), Plant Economics of Ceramic Tile Printing Medium for Screen Printing, Plant Economics of Cloth Printing (Job Work), Plant economics of Computer Continuous Stationery, Plant Economics of Offset Printing Press, Plant Economics of DTP and Printing Unit, Plant Economics of Offset Security printing Press, Plant Economics of Roto Gravure Printing (For Flexible Packaging), Plant Economics of Screen Printing on Paper/Cards, Plant Economics of heat Transfer Label by Screen Printing Process, Plant Economics of Flexo Graphic & Roto Gravure Printing, Plant Economics of Screen Printing Cotton Cloth, Plant Economics of Hand Block Printing, Plant Economics of Paper Transfer Ink Labels (Like Tattoo), Suppliers of Plant & Machineries, Suppliers of Raw Materials.

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Project Report on News Paper Printing
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Project Report on News Paper Printing

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Service Duration1-3 Days
Mode of ServiceOffline
Type of Service ProviderIndividual Consultant
A newspaper press is defined as one where at least one periodical is printed. in addition, this press is owned by the newspaper itself. A commercial press printing a newspaper is defined as a commercial press and not a newspaper-press.

  • Market survey
  • BIS Specification
  • Start a new news paper/magazine/periodical/journal
  • The manufacturing process
  • Detailed process
  • Method of type setting and printing
  • Principle of offset
  • Specific folding methods
  • Ballon folding
  • Process flow sheet
  • Plant layout
  • Principles of plant layout
  • Plant location factors
  • Explanation of terms used in the project report
  • Project implementation schedules
  • Suppliers of raw material
  • Suppliers of DTP system/computers
  • Suppliers of newspaper printing machinery

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Project Report on Industrial Paint and Inks (Various Types)
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Project Report on Industrial Paint and Inks (Various Types)

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Product Details:
Mode of ServiceOffline
Type of Service ProviderIndividual Consultant
LocationNew Delhi
Organic coatings are composed of pigments suspended in a vehicle. The vehicle or carrier consists primarily of a resinuous of driers, plasticizers and stabilizers as required. As the paint film dries, these vehicles changes from a liquid to the solid film by one or more of several mechanisms.

Production Description:
  • Evaporation of Solvents
  • Oxidation (of a drying oil)
  • Polymerization through application of heat, addition of catalyst, or combination of reactive components
  • The pigments contribute such properties as inhibitions of a metal surface (red lead & zinc chromate),

  • Properties of Ink
  • Offset Printing Inks
  • Properties of Paints
  • Flow Requirement of Offset Ink
  • Use & Application of Printing Ink
  • B I S Specification
  • Composition of Inks
  • Water Based Ink
  • Market Survey
  • Overview of Printing And Printing Ink
  • Structure And Status of Printing Ink In India
  • Manufacturers/exporters/suppliers Of Paints
  • Principles of Paint Formulations
  • Formulation of Automotive Paint
  • Formulation of Protective Paint

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