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Disposable And Medical Manufacturing Books and Reports

Our range of products include project report on toughened glass, project report on orthopaedic implants and instruments, project report on i.v.fluid (ffs technology), products from waste technology hand book and technology books on disposable medical products.
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Project Report on Toughened Glass
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Project Report on Toughened Glass

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LocationNew Delhi
Toughened glass is a type of soda-lime-silica glass with a sheet thickness 4-12 mm. the sheet has a central tensile stress of 500-1200 kg/cm2 and a ratio of surface compressive stress to central tensile stress of 2:1 to 4:1. The article is toughened by heat exchange with an oil (or chilled air) in which these is maintained from 0. 01 - 0. 07 % liquid. The boiling point liquid may be an organic liquid such as carbon tetrachloride, methanol, benzene, Toluene, Trimethyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol or xylene etc.

  • Market Potential
  • B. I. S. Specifications
  • Manufacturing process of toughened glass
  • Uses and applications
  • Uses & applications for toughened glass tray
  • Bullet proof/toughened glass tray details
  • Properties & characteristics
  • Mechanical properties of toughened glass
  • Dimensions for toughened safety glass used with round windows
  • Process of manufacture for laminated safety glass
  • Flow sheet
  • Present manufacturers of toughened/bullet proof glass
  • Toughened (or tempered) glass
  • Technical identification of soda-lime flat glasses
  • Plant layout
  • Suppliers of plant and machinery (imported)
  • Suppliers of plant and machinery
  • Raw material suppliers

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Project Report on Orthopaedic implants and instruments
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Project Report on Orthopaedic implants and instruments

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Orthopedic implants can be defined as medical devices used to replace or provide fixation of bone or to replace articulating surfaces of a joint. In simpler words, orthopedic implants are used to replace damaged or troubled joints. The implant surgeries are performed only by highly specialized and trained surgeons. The surgical procedures for each implant involves removal of the damaged joint and an artificial prosthesis replacement.

  • Today’s implants
  • Materials for orthopaedic implant
  • Implant properties and tissue response
  • Uses & applications
  • Market survey
  • Manufacturers/suppliers
  • Specification for quality standard
  • Testing method of orthopaedic implant & instruments
  • Manufacturing process of orthopaedic instruments details of orthopaedic implants machining
  • Method to enhanced fatigue properties of orthopaedic implant design and prototyping list of orthopaedic implants (made as per order)
  • Advances in technology and materials for orthopaedic impleants and instruments design process for implantable orthopaedic medical devices design reviews

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Project Report on I.V.Fluid (FFS Technology)
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Project Report on I.V.Fluid (FFS Technology)

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LocationNew Delhi
Mode of ServiceOffline
Type of Service ProviderIndividual Consultant
Intra venous fluids, in general are used as I.V drips for patients in nursing homes and hospitals suffering from acute dehydration or considerable debilitating conditions. These I.V fluids replanish the body fluids. Though a number of I.V fluids are there, generally three types of I.V fluids are used in hospitals as I.V drips.

They are as follows:
  • Dextrose injection fluid
  • Dextrose and sodium chloride injection fluid

  • Key Terms
  • Dextrose
  • Dextrose Saline Injection
  • Properties
  • Requirements Of Raw Materials
  • About Blow-fill-seal (bfs) Technology
  • Economic Profile
  • World Market Consumption
  • Medical Blow-fill-seal
  • Source Of Machines Technology
  • Uses And Application
  • Some General Intravenous Fluids
  • Market Survey
  • Additional Market Position
  • Indian Patents Law, Trade Law & Taxation
  • ''tax''ing Indian Pharma
  • Present Manufactures Of I.v Fluids
  • Specification Of Indian Pharmacopeia On I.v Fluids Dextran Injection
  • Dextran 110 Injection
  • B.i.s. Specifications For Plastic I.v. Bottles
  • Sodium Chloride And Dextrose Injection
  • Water The Excellent Solvent Used In Pharmacy
  • Basic Raw Materials
  • Requirements Of Raw Materials And Specifications
  • Manufacturing Process Of FFS Technology
  • Advantages Of B.f.s. Vs. Glass
  • "b.f.s." The Blow Fill Seal Technology
  • Manufacturing Process Under B.f.s./f.f.s.
  • Schematic Diagram Of BFS Production Process
  • Flow Diagram Of Manufacturing Of I.v. Fluids
  • Plant Layout
  • Schematic Diagram Of FFS Plant Layout
  • General Plant Layout
  • Effluent Treatment And Disposal
  • Tolerance Limits For Industrial Effluent Discharge
  • Waste Treatment
  • Typical Waste Solids Characteristics
  • Specification of Effluent Discharge of Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Manpower
  • Implementation Schedule
  • Schematic Diagram of Production Plant Process
  • List of Machinery Iv Bag Production Form Fill And Seal Machine

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Products From Waste Technology Hand Book
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Products From Waste Technology Hand Book

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Product Details:
AuthorEIRI Board
PublisherEngineers India Research Institute
ApplicationProducts From Waste Technology Hand Book
Contents Cum Index:
  • Acrylic Sheets
  • Activated Carbon from Saw Dust, Rice Husk and Coconut Shell
  • Activated Carbon from Wood
  • Biocoal Briquettes From Agricultural Cellulosic Waste
  • Biofertilisers from Cowdung and Other Wastes
  • Caffeine from Tea Waste
  • Coal/Fuel Briquettes From Agro Waste (Bagasse, Coffee & Rice Husk Etc.)
  • Furfural
  • Gobar Gas Plant
  • Hand Made Paper
  • Hard Board from Rice Husk
  • Kraft Paper from Waste Carton Boxes
  • Kraft Paper from Waste Paper
  • Ossein and Gelatin
  • Oxalic Acid from Rice Husk
  • Paper Waste Recycling Plant (Paper Mill)
  • Paraffin Wax from Slack Wax
  • Particle Board From Rice Husk
  • Pectin from Mango Peels
  • Plastic Granules
  • Polyester Yarn from Waste
  • Reclamation of Nickel from Spent Catalyst of Vanaspati Industries
  • Reclamation of Used Engine Oil
  • Recovery of Lead from Disposed Lead Acid
  • Recovery of Silver Nitrate from Photographic
  • Waste Fixer
  • Rubber Goods From Waste Rubber
  • Rubber Powder
  • Rubber Reclaiming
  • Secondary Lead Extraction From Scrap,
  • Battery Plates, Pipes, Sheets
  • Silicon from Rice Husk
  • Silver Extraction from Waste Hypo
  • Solution X-Ray Film and Cinema Film
  • Toluene and SBP from Crude Naphtha
  • Tread Rubber Used for Cold Process
  • Vermi-Composting
  • Waste Grains
  • Zinc and Copper Sulphate from Brass Ash
  • E-Waste

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Technology Books on Disposable Medical Products
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Technology Books on Disposable Medical Products

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Product Details:
AuthorEIRI Board
PublisherEngineers India Research Institute
ApplicationTechnology Books on Disposable Medical Products
Medical care is vital for our life, health and well being. But the waste generated from medical activities can be hazardous, toxic and even lethal because of their high potential for diseases transmission. The hazardous and toxic part of the waste from health care establishments comprising infectious, bio-medical and radio-active material as well as sharps (hypodermic needles, knives, scalpels etc.) constitute a grave risk, if these are not properly treated/disposed or allowed to get mixed with other municipal waste. Its properties to encourage growth of various pathogens and vectors and its ability to contaminate other non-hazardous/non-toxic municipal waste jeopardizes the efforts undertaken for overall municipal waste management. The rag pickers and waste workers are often worst affected , because unknowingly or unwittingly, they rummage through all kinds of poisonous material while trying to salvage items which they can sell or reuse. At the same time, this kind of illegal and unethical reuse can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. Diseases like cholera, plague, tuberculosis, hepatitis, AIDS (HIV), diphtheria etc in either epidemic or even endemic form, pose grave public health risks. Unfortunately, in the absence of reliable and extensive data, it is difficult to quantify the dimension of the problem or even the extent and variety of the risk involved. However, the risk can be considerably reduced or minimized by the use of disposable medical items. This is an unique book of its kind. This will help to minimize spreading of diseases with the help of medical staffs, NGOs, volunteers and other non-medical man powers. Manufacturing know-how of most disposable medical items are described in a very simple manner. This is a very useful book for young scientists, medical students, industrialists to explore further. The book covers Syringe Disposable Device, Disposable Needle Stick Prevention Aid to Prevent Needle Stick Injury, Disposable Surgical and Diagnostic Fluid Control Island, Disposable Humidifier, Disposable Adhesive Bandage, Disposable Cosmetic Glove, Electromagnetic Syringe Needle Disposer, Disposable Protective Bandage for Animals, Disposable Automatic Hypodermic Needle Guard, Disposable Elastomeric Gloves, Modern Disposable Syringe, Disposable Needle Cover, Syringe Needle Disposal Apparatus, Methods of Making Disposable Gloves, A Disposal Applicator Glove for Applying Lotions, Disposable Gloves, Syringe with Disposable Needle, Disposable Syringes, Modified Single Use Disposable Syringe, Pencil Grip Fine Needle Aspiration Syringe Holder, Disposable Electromagnetic Fluid Sensor, Antimicrobial Disposable Absorbent Articles, Safety Dispensing System for Hazardous Substances, Disposable Plastic Razor, Plant Economics of Surgical Adhesive Tape on Cloth Surface, Plant Economics of Blood Bags, Plant Economics of Disposable Surgical Caps and Masks, Plant Economics of Dextrose Saline (I.V. Fluids), Plant Economics of Disposable Needles, Plant Economics of Plastic Syringe, Plant Economics of Surgical Cotton and Bandage, Plant Economics of Surgical Examination Gloves, Plant Economics of Surgical Bandage, Plant Economics of Surgical Adhesive Tape on Cloth Surface.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 9789380772172
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